Oxfam Canada

Founded in 1963, Oxfam Canada is a non-profit international development organization that supports community programmes in food security, health, nutrition and democratic development with an emphasis on working with women.

Oxfam Canada is one of the 14 Oxfam organizations around the world that form Oxfam International. Together they are working to tackle the root causes of poverty, social injustice and inequality.

Oxfam Canada works with partner organizations in over 20 countries in Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean to help people tackle the root causes of poverty, social injustice and inequality, creating self-reliant and sustainable communities. Oxfam also responds in times of emergency situations. At home, Oxfam educates people on issues of global poverty and advocates for positive changes in policies that directly affect the world's poor.

Oxfam VISA*

Oxfam Canada has partnered with Citizens Bank of Canada to help raise money for the Oxfam projects that mean so much to impoverished peoples around the world. Quite simply, every time you use your Oxfam VISA card, Citizens Bank of Canada will donate 10¢ to Oxfam Canada. It's that easy. And that's a big help when less than $1 can buy basic health care for a family in South Africa.

Now 10¢ may not sound like much, but recognizing that most of us use a credit card at least 15 times each month, you can see that the cumulative sum from thousands of Oxfam VISA cardholders and their individual transactions can add up very, very quickly. What's more, as soon as your application is approved, Citizens Bank will donate up to $20 to Oxfam. And there's no annual fee.

Learn more about the details of a Citizens Bank/Oxfam VISA card, or apply online now!

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