Elain Duvall

Director, Citizens Bank of Canada Elain Duvall

Growing up in the small farming community of Shamrock, Saskatchewan, Elain could see, even as a child, how "everything that happened in that town depended upon the cooperation of the community." Her father was a Founding Director of the community credit union; the family shopped only at co-op stores, and all their banking was done at the credit union.

Elain served as a director of Vancity for 12 years and as Chair of the Board of Directors for 3 years. During the 12 years she served on all the committees, chairing at various times the FPC, Governance, Audit, Community Leadership Committees, CEO Selection. She also served on the boards of VCC, Vancity Enterprises and Citizens Bank. Other governance experience include directorships on Central1, BC Pavilion Corp, BC Building Corporation, Real Estate Foundation of BC.

Elain’s professional life is the field of real estate development, specializing in providing service to non-profit organizations. In this capacity she has working the public sector, the private sector and the non-profit sector.

During her term as Chair of the Board, she lead the Enterprise Wide Risk Management initiative during a period of rapid growth at Vancity as well as beginning the process of rationalizing and finding the synergies between the various subsidiaries of Vancity as well as ensuring that the partnership granting evolve into an enterprise wide community leadership strategy.

"I'm a co-op person in my bones. The principal is the same the world over -
we all do better when we cooperate with one another."
- Elain Duvall

About Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank was formed by Vancity in 1997 as a national bank that would take the largest credit union in Canada beyond the borders of B.C. We were the first and we’re still the only bank with a clear ethical policy. In April 2008, we became the first North American-based bank to be carbon neutral, which means that the CO2 emissions we create are now equal to the emissions we have reduced or offset elsewhere. We achieved this goal through a rigorous emissions reduction program focusing on energy use, staff travel, paper consumption and waste.