Citizens Bank Corporate Reward Visa Card

Gift CardLooking for a way to recognize employee achievement or customer loyalty? To incent sales staff or rebate a customer with purchase? The Citizens Bank Corporate Reward Visa* Card may be the solution because it allows the recipient to purchase what is special to them.

The Citizens Bank Corporate Reward Visa Card offers all the convenience and security of a Visa card, and can be used wherever Visa is electronically accepted¹. Our timeless standard silver card design is appropriate for any occasion.

Customize Your Offering

Want something beyond standard? We offer custom card messaging, the ability to feature your company's brand or logo on the front of the card (called cobranding), or we can work with you to develop an entirely custom card design. Your messaging and your brand - out in front for the world to see! We can also arrange shipping to you or direct mail shipping to your card recipients. Prices and timing for these additional features do vary based on volume and requirements. Here are some samples of the many custom and cobrand programs we manage today.

How to Get More Information, Receive a Quote, or to Order

The Citizens Bank Corporate Reward Visa Card is non-reloadable, and cannot be used for gambling, recurring payments, or at ATMs. The Card is issued by Citizens Bank of Canada. The Card balance is not CDIC insured. The Card is a promotional product, and a post-expiration fee of the remaining balance applies.

For more information, to receive a quote, or to start the order process, visit our dedicated product website at You can contact us directly at 1-866-915-8472 or via email

* Visa Int./Citizens Bank, Licensed User.