Visa Credit Card Benefits

Enjoy a credit card that provides you with the security and convenience you expect, while helping to improve the lives of others around the world. Every time you use your Citizens Bank Visa* card, 10 cents are donated to the charitable organization you support – Shared Interest Fund™, Oxfam Canada or Amnesty International1.

My Visa Rewards Plus2

My Visa Rewards Plus

With each purchase using your Shared Interest Gold or Shared Interest Classic* Visa card, you earn valuable rewards for you and the things you care about. Your points can be redeemed for travel, merchandise and charitable donations. Visit to register once you've received your card.

Shared Interest Fund

Shared Interest Fund

Every time you use your Shared Interest Gold or Shared Interest Classic* Visa card, Citizens Bank will donate 10 cents to support not-for-profit initiatives aimed at affecting positive social, economic and environmental change.

Online Statements for Visa credit cards

my Visa account online service

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of banking when, how, and where you want for free. Vancity Visa offers My Visa Account Online1 which let's you download your statements, view your balance and current posted transaction, and tally up your My Visa Rewards Plus points.

You can even have your monthly Visa card statements delivered to you electronically and securely through Canada Post’s epost1 service. Never miss a payment again by receiving bill payment reminders and delivery notifications. Plus, it’s good for the environment.

Visa Credit Card Cardholder Insurance

Visa Cardholder Insurance

Our Citizens Bank Visa credit cards come with the following inclusive insurance coverage³:

  • Purchase Security, and Extended Warranty Insurance on most personal property purchased with your card
  • Travel Accident Insurance provides benefits to you, your Spouse, and dependent children for accidental bodily injury on a covered trip when you use your card to purchase at least 75% of the fare
  • Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance provide benefits for damage or theft when you rent a car for up to 48 days, decline the rental agency collision damage waiver, and charge the full cost to your card
  • Price Protection may reimburse you for the difference of an eligible purchase when you find a lower written advertised price within 60 days from the date of purchase
  • Delayed and Lost Baggage Insurance may reimburse the cost to replace essential items purchased before your baggage is returned, or you may be reimbursed for the portion of the replacement cost of lost personal property that is not covered by the common carrier or other insurance.

Visa Chip & PIN Credit Cards

Visa Chip & PIN Card

Across Canada, credit cards are being enhanced with computer chips to make an already safe payment system even more secure. Chip & PIN technology1 is already tested, proven and in wide use around the world.

If you are a Citizens Bank Shared Interest, Amnesty International, or Oxfam Canada Visa cardholder, you will receive a new chip & PIN card in the future when your credit card expires. In the meantime, continue to use your current Citizens Bank Visa card with complete confidence.

Click here for more information. Should you have any questions, please call us at 1.800.611.8472.

Optional Visa Credit Card Benefits


CardAssist1 is an optional service that allows you to register all your credit, debit and retail store credit cards. In the event your purse/wallet is lost or stolen, simply call one number to report the stolen/lost cards.

As a Visa credit card cardholder, you may also subscribe to CardAssist Plus, an optional service that has all the feature of CardAssist and also provides you with valuable credit monitoring in the event that you lose your debit or credit cards. When you phone CardAssist Plus to report your card loss, CardAssist Plus provides you with 6 months of credit monitoring. Your credit bureau files are monitored for potential fraudulent activities, such as new accounts and loan/credit card applications made in your name.

Credit Alert

Credit Alert1 is an optional value-added service and is a credit fraud monitoring and detection tool which monitors your credit files and reports any changes from the credit bureaus. Receive a credit report, educational material to better understand credit scores and how to interpret them, quarterly updates, an instant notification service and access to credit specialists.

Visa Credit Card Cardholder Agreement

*Visa Int. /Citizens Bank of Canada, Licensed User.
™Shared Interest is a trademark of Citizens Bank of Canada.
1Not applicable to Citizens Bank Reloadable and Prepaid Visa card products.
2My Visa Rewards Plus is only applicable to Citizens Bank Shared Interest Classic and Gold Visa cards that earn My Visa Rewards Plus points.
3Certain definitions, benefits, limitations, and exclusions apply to all Citizens Bank Visa card insurance coverage. You will receive a copy of the Certificate of Insurance that describes the insurance coverage in more detail. The insurance coverage is subject to change or cancellation without notice. Extended Warranty, Purchase Security Insurance, Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance and Delayed & Lost Baggage Insurance are underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida and Travel Accident Insurance is insurance coverage underwritten by American Bankers Life Assurance Company of Florida. The Price Protection Service is a service provided by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida.